untitled (array)

untitled (array)
etching on cotton paper, graphite plotting, fur, and thread framed in walnut, ears

Double Vision, group exhibition at Cromwell Place, London

untitled (array) is an embodiment of industrial residues. The ears are placed on the frame and on the floor in front, disconnected from the framed objects that it still extends into. Approaching closer to the etched motif, the three figures can seem like mutated body parts from either a human, an animal or something in between. The line is partly plotted with a machine, partly drawn by hand. The subtle changes of the line quality and the emergence of the array ({x,x,x}) in the motif itself, as well as plotted underneath the etched imprint with close to imperceptible graphite, becomes a metaphor for a syntax as form. An industrial syntax (structure and form of code) that is hiding all around us, disconnecting us from cosmos.

Photos: Art Sokoloff