In search of primordial technics I: Onto-technics with a subject through exposition
Canvas bound with embossing, 116 pages, 12x19cm
Edition: 30
Published under mpaacc

Seeking to readdress conceptions of technology, activity, use and understanding, In search of primordial technics I suggests a path towards an alternative reading of artistic activity. Dense and searching, combining philosophical explorations with open experiments, the search is only initiated here, giving some critical and theoretical background to these ideas in formation. It attempts to position the author as an ‘equal machine’ and creates a sort of spreading metaphor of equivalence, and its examinations and experiments conjure a vision of what this potential concept might mean. (Chris Fite-Wassilak)

1/3 of the edition is sold at Bladr – Platform for artists’ books in Copenhagen.

The book resides in the collections at Danish National Art Library, the Royal College of Art Library‘s Special Collections, and Drawing Room Library in London.

Exhibited at The Book is a Container, group exhibition at Southwark Park Galleries, London, and at Bladr booth at various art book fairs including CHART Book Fair 2021, Copenhagen.