landscape (ceremony of misunderstandings)

landscape (ceremony of misunderstandings)
ears, clay, notebook, garbage bags, cables, computer, script, speakers, microphone

performance at The Artists’ Autumn Exhibition (KE) 2020, group exhibition. Den Frie Centre for Contemporary Art, Copenhagen

From a clear state, the bare floor is filled with hundred clay dents in which upward-facing ears point in different directions, while activity unfolds between language, artificiality, technics, and functions of on and off.

The actor creates in collaboration with a synthetic voice which is emitted from a nearby computer, and initiate lines from a poem about a landscape which the actor then completes live. Listening to the actor’s addition, the machine then combines misunderstandings of the actor’s words with its own, generating a new entry to read aloud. The cycle repeats over and over for one hour and nine minutes. The speech synthesis slowly becomes unrecognisable as language, increasing in rhythm and level of cacophony, while the actor simultaneously attempts to create a landscape with the animal parts.

In Landscape (ceremony of misunderstandings), the machine misunderstands the actor like the actor misunderstands the animal. The misunderstandings are recorded to a file for data exchange (json), which can be read between hominid and machine, and this will be read and played out loud for the duration of the exhibition while the ears collapse on the floor.

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Photos: I DO ART Agency