new comers

Newcomers 20-21, group exhibition. Grafikgalleriet, Holmegaard Værk (2021)

“[…] Anders works with the body as a metaphor for the creation of alternative worlds, where the dissolution of concepts and materials constantly takes place. This is done, among others, through immaterial computers, synthetic voices, computer vision, drawing, clay and printing presses.

The technical explorations trangress into the mythical and manifest in experimental, relational and diagrammatic activities. Exhibiting intaglio prints that have been created in relation to previous activities, and represent 1.5 years of experiments. This includes photogravure prints applied with graphite and oil stick, a drypoint made with a laser cutter, a photographic etching made with machine learning, and line etching created collaboratively cross-borders […] ”

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untitled (an object breaks) + untitled (several objects are born)
etching and oil pencil on Somerset framed in darkened oak
edition of 5

lasercut drypoint on cartridge paper framed in darkened oak
edition of 2

collaborative etching #1
w. Aske Hvitved
etching on cotton paper framed in darkened oak
edition of 5

untitled (trauma, stranded)
etching on kozo-mix paper framed in darkened oak

mennesket, amfibiet
etching on kozo paper framed in darkened oak
26cm x 34,2cm
edition of 5