untitled (trauma)

untitled (trauma)
etchings, graphite on washi and wall
9x 50x35cm

Exhibited at Misplaced, group exhibition at Oped Space, Tokyo, and WiP Show, group exhibition at Royal College of Art, London.

[…] With an offset in trauma and error of computation and its implications, the images are created in similarity to automatism, the method of creating images through the body independent from conscious decisions, while trauma is generated as a form of automatism of the mind, through artificial neural networks, somehow imitating neural networks of the brain. This technique is producing what can be conceived as unconscious motifs based on image genes of various objects as statistical approximation.

The pencil lines on the paper represent placeholders, slowly developing from the paper onto the walls throughout the period of exposition. This occurs to one group of perceivers, either by knowing or by visiting the space at several times, and for others, it does not. The lines spread onto the walls, starts to fill up with the configuration parameters consisting of names of objects and their weight.

With the values and lines transferred from the GAN configuration to the washi paper, trauma is using a familiar component – the intaglio, however, iwith performative and computational attributes that transforms the motifs day-by-day. An idea of what each visual components is made of are slowly revealed, however, what you perceive is something very separate from these objects. It confronts the perceiver with varying levels of obscurity that is unsatisfactory for our sensical apparatus.

In 3 series: Furry, Skin, and Stranded.

Photos: Art Sokoloff