zinc-typha membrane

zinc-typha membrane
aquatint etched zinc, steel pipe, bulrush, separate publication

Bedrock, group exhibition. Ladder exhibition space, Copenhagen

Zinc is a metal circulating internally in your body, bound to enzymes and proteins, as well as around you in endless industrial processes of transportation and manipulation. It rests on the bed of typha, the flowers and seeds are caringly protected in the head of down, and the plant is up to 250 centimeters tall. It can be harvested, dried and manifest through usage in unimaginable ways – lit up as a torch for riots or for general lightning, the roots cooked and eaten, the seeds pressed into a robust dark-red paper, the stems woven into furniture, clothing, and shoes, the leaves woven into rope, the down used as soft filling for pillows.

The typha, the zinc rests upon, will be brought to a secret location and planted. It will be observed over the course of 2 years. The plant and its root system will be torn off the ground, harvested, and mutate into [ ]