angus aardvark
Copenhagen and London

2020 Sorry (language is a virus), sculpture performance. We Need To Talk About It, Hanover Space, London
2020 WiP Show, group exhibition. Royal College of Art, London
2019 en vild ro (a wild tranquility), performance. Native Instincts, The CLF Art Cafe, London
2019 9th (an exhibition of prints), group exhibition. SLAUGHTERHAUS, London
2019 End year show, group exhibition. Chelsea College of Arts, London
2019 Launch, journal contribution, Sculptorvox Vol. 3: A God Complex (ISSN 2515-7329 03). Standpoint Gallery, London
2019 Activation of MPAACC v0.0.1, performance. Safehouse 1 & 2, London
2019 Safehouse, group exhibition. Safehouse 1 & 2, London
2019 BIOS (It's not easy being a perfect bitch), solo exhibition. Lucas Court (council estate) Battersea, London
2019 We, aaaaabakapblicbchcsdhebbglhtjylfmasmbmcmoynzratrwsjksocspswthhyc, group exhibition. Triangle Space, London
2019 Guest Hacker, Operation Earnest Voice. The Photographers Gallery, London
2019 Synthetic reading, performance. Piet Zwart Institute's Annual Radio Show, Rotterdam
2018 Synthetic reading, performance. Chelsea College of Arts, London
2018 Anonymous. group exhibition. Chelsea College of Arts, London
2018 C. group exhibition. Chelsea College of Arts, London
2018 In Progress. group exhibition. Chelsea College of Arts, London
2015 Vi Tager Intet Ansvar 3. group exhibition KW3, Copenhagen
2015 Kulturkajen Docken. group exhibition, Copenhagen
2015 Åbne Værksteder, group exhibition. Kunstforeningen 2100, Copenhagen


2019 Zine contribution, UNIVERSET ER EN FÆLLED, Center for Militant Futorologi
2019 Journal contribution (хардкор), Sculptorvox Vol. 3: A God Complex (ISSN 2515-7329 03)
2017 Journal frontpage (manipulated etching). Tidsskriftet Slagtryk #6


2019 Artist presentation at Banqueting Hall, Chelsea College of Arts


2019 Rids af en kritik af samtidskunstens svar på tegning i Danmark (Danish). Criticism
2019 Presentation manuscript. Manuscript, statement
2019 Into the revitalisation of printmaking beyond the expanded field. Essay
2018 AI creativity and demystification. Essay
2018 4 Writings (synthetic reading). Prose 


2020 thumb - a net exhibition concerning virtual scale and drawing
this enquiry considers a virtual space without virtual attributes such as materiality, scale and space - in the transgression to virtual, an invisible dimension becomes retranscribed in which the attributes are not detected. The sense of materiality, scale and space is lost, while thumb takes this transgression and its belonging attributes and turns them into the premise of the show. A shift which has consciously occured, from 2x2cm drawings (open call) to entities in a virtual space with the curatorial agency as key

2019 mpaacc v0.0.2 (Multipresent Anti-Aggressive Communal Computer) infiltration 35.191299, 24.465309, 25 June, 15:44 GMT+1.

2019 mpaacc v0.0.1 (Multipresent Anti-Aggressive Communal Computer), infiltration 51.4698555,-0.06522284422128638, 8 May, 19:45 GMT.
Sound and vision of inhibitors Panser Kone, Suzic, Ill Ill, id-9781, Meta, A Body Which Does Not Move Is A Dead Body, Fatemah Kazemi, Tom Chisholm, Theodor Præst Nymark Jens


2019 - 2021 Master of Arts, Royal College of Art, School of Fine Arts
2018 - 2019 Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Arts, Chelsea College of Arts
2016 - 2018 Mentorship, Asger Carlsen
2015 - 2016 Foundation, Copenhagen Art School
2012 - 2013 Computer Science, CBA (discontinued)


2018 Member, printmaking at SLAUGHTERHAUS, London
2015 Member, printmaking at VÆRKSTEDERNE
2019 Member, Billedkunstnernes Forbund (BKF): Danish Visual Artists
2019 Member, Danske Grafikere (DG): The Danish Printmakers Association
2018 Member, DRAW reading group (interdisciplinary approaches to drawing) at University of Arts, London
2014 (ended) Founder, kollektiv, Ved Klosteret
2018 Founder, exhibition space, mpaacc (Multipresent Anti-Aggressive Communal Computer)
2019 Founder, research project, mnet (Mundane Nature: Ecology with Technology)
2016 Technologist, Better Collective