0045 2538 0331
aarvik92@gmail.com or anders.aarvik@network.rca.ac.uk
studio at Halmtorvet 11A-F, Copenhagen



2021     Danske Grafikere, group exhibition. HUSET i Asnæs, Asnæs
2021     isopt II: Room of vertebrates, open studio. Statens Værksteder for Kunst (Danish Art Workshops)
2021     Various etchings at Newcomers, group exhibition. Grafik Galleriet, Holmegård Værk
2021     untitled (array) at Double Vision, group exhibition. Cromwell Place, London
2021     :-) :-o (in these worlds everything exists) at RCA2021, online platform. Royal College of Art, London
2021     ISOPT at The Book is a Container, group exhibition. Southwark Park Galleries, London
2021     Various at Dry Floor, pop-up exhibition. HOXTON 253 art project space, London
2021     Børn af røde bær / Children of red berries, collaborative piece, at Heimat, group exhibition. PAKHUSgalleriet, Nykøbing Sj.
2021     take it      with you, video at 24.50, group exhibition. Udstillingstedet Sydhavn Station and ST:ART, Copenhagen
2021     take it      with you, publication at Artists as Independent Publishers, group exhibition. Centre for Artists’ Publications (Weserburg Museum of Modern Art), Bremen
2020     landscape (ceremony of misunderstandings), performance at KE2020, group exhibition. Den Frie Centre for Contemporary Art, Copenhagen
2020     geist (brothr), sculpture at Skygger dannes, group exhibiton. Atelier b8, Copenhagen
2020     in'kōd, tunnel installation at Situationist, group exhibtion. Situationist, pan-continental
2020     untitled (trauma), etchings at Misplaced, group exhibiton. Oped Space, Tokyo
2020     earth, engraving at KITE 4, group exhibition. Airbound Space, London
2020     leak, sound entry at CD MIX, radio show. Export Radio, London
2020     fuck digitus, video at thumb, group exhibition. Virtual
2020     sorry (language is a virus), performance at We Need To Talk About It, group exhibition. Hanover Space, London
2020     untitled (trauma), etchings at WiP Show, group exhibition. Royal College of Art, London
2019     en vild ro (a wild tranquility), performance at Native Instincts, party. The CLF Art Cafe, London
2019     sejerø, etching at 9th (an exhibition of prints), group exhibition. SLAUGHTERHAUS, London
2019     teeth/trash, drawings at Degree Show, group exhibition. Chelsea College of Arts, London
2019     journal contribution, launch of Sculptorvox Vol. 3: A God Complex (ISSN 2515-7329 03). Standpoint Gallery, London
2019     activation of mpaacc v0.0.1, performance at Safehouse, group exhibition. Safehouse 1 & 2, London
2019     everybody’s down, sculpture at Safehouse, group exhibition. Safehouse 1 & 2, London
2019     bios, installation at spareroom space, solo exhibition. Lucas Court (council estate) Battersea, London
2019     sejerø, installation at We, aaaaabakapblicbchcs....nzratrwsjksocspswthhyc, group exhibition. Triangle Space, London
2019     Guest Hacker, Operation Earnest Voice. The Photographers Gallery, London
2019     synthetic reading, performance at Annual Radio Show, radio show. Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam
2018     synthetic reading, performance. Chelsea College of Arts, London
2018     bios, cyanotypes at Anonymous, group exhibition. Chelsea College of Arts, London
2018     found objects 4: gold tooth, sculpture at In Progress, group exhibition. Chelsea College of Arts, London
2015     treponema-pallidum, drawings at Vi Tager Intet Ansvar 3, group exhibition. KW3, Copenhagen
2015     various paintings at Kulturkajen Docken, group exhibition. Copenhagen
2015     various paintings at Åbne Værksteder, group exhibition. Kunstforeningen 2100, Copenhagen


2021    Journal contribution (prose): Dog Days. The Pluralist #1
2020    Book (dissertation): In search of primordial technics I. mpaacc
2020    Journal contribution (poetry): LER, FUND. Slagtryk - tidsskrift for digte & kortprosa (#5)
2019    Zine contribution (prose): hukommelses-id: 14. UNIVERSET ER EN FÆLLED, Center for Militant Futorologi
2019    Journal contribution (sculpture): хардкор. Sculptorvox Vol. 3: A God Complex (ISSN 2515-7329 03). A contemporary sculpture journal
2017    Journal cover (etching): untitled. Slagtryk - tidsskrift for digte & kortprosa (#6)
2015    Book (prose): Blå bøjende aura (ISBN 8799839504). Forlaget Foliom


2021    ‘Praxis - Print - Technics’ notes, Central Academy of Fine Arts, China. Talk
2020    transcription residues, landscape. Performance output
2020    LER, ETIKET, FUND (Danish), Slagtryk - tidsskrift for digte & kortprosa. Poetry
2019    Rids af en kritik af samtidskunstens svar på tegning i Danmark (Danish), IDOART.DK. Criticism
2019    Into the revitalisation of printmaking beyond the expanded field. Essay
2018    Presentation manuscript. Talk
2018    AI creativity and demystification. Essay
2017    4 Writings (synthetic reading). Prose


2021    Alternative Spaces: Collaboration, Community, and Public Work. Co-organiser
2021    Dry Floor, pop-up exhibition. HOXTON 253 art project space, London. Curated with Abhaya Rajani and Art Sokoloff
2020    thumb: a net exhibition concerning virtual scale and drawing
2019    mpaacc v0.0.2 (Multipresent Anti-Aggressive Communal Computer) infiltration 35.191299, 24.465309, 25 June, 15:44 GMT+1. Meditation
2019    mpaacc v0.0.1 (Multipresent Anti-Aggressive Communal Computer), infiltration 51.4698555,-0.06522284422128638, 8 May, 19:45 GMT. Sound and vision of inhibitors Panser Kone, Suzic, Ill Ill, id-9781, Meta, A Body Which Does Not Move Is A Dead Body, Fatemah Kazemi, Tom Chisholm, Theodor Præst Nymark Jens


2019 - 2021     Master of Arts, Royal College of Art, School of Fine Arts
2018 - 2019     Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Arts, Chelsea College of Arts
2016 - 2018     Mentorship, Asger Carlsen
2015 - 2016     Preparatory course, Copenhagen Art School
2012 - 2013     Computer Science, CBA (discontinued)


2020     Member, printmaking at Grafisk Værksted Næstved
2018     Member, printmaking at SLAUGHTERHAUS, London
2015     Member, printmaking at VÆRKSTEDERNE
2019     Member, Billedkunstnernes Forbund (BKF): Danish Visual Artists
2019     Member, Danske Grafikere (DG): The Danish Printmakers Association
2018     Member, DRAW reading group (interdisciplinary approaches to drawing) at University of Arts, London
2014     (ended) Founder, kollektiv, Ved Klosteret
2018     Founder, exhibition space, mpaacc (multipresent anti-aggressive communal computer)
2019     Founder, research project, mnet (Mundane Nature)
2016     Senior DevOps Engineer (technologist), Better Collective A/S and nix.agency


2020     Distinction award (dissertation), Royal College of Art
2019     Distinction award (degree), Chelsea College of Arts


2021     Teaching placement, De Montfort University (BFA), Leicester
2021     Teaching placement, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing
2019     Artist presentation at Banqueting Hall, Chelsea College of Arts, London


2021     GRAAL at Holmegaard Værk and Næstved Grafisk Værksted
2021     Research residency at Statens Værksteder for Kunst (Danish Art Workshops)


         Royal College of Art
         The Danish National Art Library
         Drawing Room


Dead, static, discharged bodies only sparks. Literal and othered bodies, lie on the ground, on their backs, and can not rise. Their joints are missing or disassembled. A metaphor for technical bodies and systems giving rise to alternative worlds, explored through formulas, materials, and cooperation with machines, such as; immaterial computers, synthetic and cloned voices, computer vision, drawing, clay, printing presses, and other signs of engagement.

The technical explorations transgress into the mythical and manifest in experimental, relational, and diagrammatic activities. Through monotonous witnessing the activities are constantly reduced and abstracted through (im)material manifestations, paralinguistic activities, and autonomous worlds where definitions are not dependent on authority, e.g., the searching definition of primordial technics. A notion that sprout through the observation that other discourses, rather than direct openings (e.g., using electronic equipment, criticising or opening technology to become more transparent), are more precise in terms of the primordial functions of technics. Through this notion, a world built itself.

Technics becomes an expanded and poetic field, rethought through sensorial registers and representation, not structures of engineering.