goose egg (1st iteration)
duo exhibition
goose egg (1st iteration)
FAA Project Room  (DK)

Documentation can be found at KUBAPARIS and I DO ART
goose egg (1st iteration) is a duo exhibition and experiment by Halfdan Kajhøj and Anders Aarvik (with Ayshan Qvortrup and Aske Hvitved), concerning methodologies of reduction and sourcing of materials, primarily based on conversation.

Conversation on politics of waste, minimalism, maximalism, collaboration, electronics, sound, ecology, transformation, and animism. On leaving it all, as it is. Conversation that will lead to an accumulation of works that is unknown prior to the opening, before dissolving, and later reoccur in other iterations as well as a report addressing the process.

Documentation can be found at IDOART, KUBAPARIS, etc.: