untitled (plastikforbindelser 22)
group exhibition
Bedrock 3
Ladder Space (DK)

At Bedrock 3 ( new objects in the series are extracted from the local surroundings in Kødbyen (meatpacking district) and within the studio space. Private notes on illness, scavenging and computation merges with the scene of a desolated desktop station in which cognitive patterns no longer can be trusted.

plastikforbindelser is a generative series in constant change. It is comprised of objects that respond to their local environment, including found objects and commodities from garbage containers, to natural sites, to shops, to studio spaces.

The objects protrude from the space, connected in a network of new signs before they face their inevitable course of dissolving, returning to their original site, shop, garbage container or to be consumed.

The series emerged in 2020 from work conducted in Raadvad (a cultivated forest area), combining clay with fish fins, rabbit ears, branches, and objects from the workshop, e.g., computer-extracted gold.

plastik’s radical (rooted) meaning is “to mold, to form”.